I bet these kids are damn proud of themselves

Harlem responds to bomb threats

Harlem responds to bomb threats.



  1. When Yulee Middle School was having their lockdown and police were busily searching for a weapon that wasn’t there (or was hidden exceedingly well), the Yulee High School had a bomb threat.

    Signs of spring….birds nesting. New leaves. Flowers. Boys fighting about girls. Girls fighting about boys. Bomb threats at school.

    Good thing that the local schools will have spring breaks soon. *sniffle* Our spring break will be two weeks after the grandkids’ spring breaks.

    1. WE had bomb threats in high school – in 1973. And once, one of the Golden Boys actually blew up a few lockers. In years before I got to that school, my dad told me of the statue of the Blue Pony out front being blown up. Nothing new under the sun…

      Kaylee’s spring break is this week. And since it’s Time Change Time, I’m glad – takes me that long to adjust!

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