Busy weekend!

My Pixie stayed the night here Thursday, so I didn’t get to the meeting I usually attend. We had such a nice time, it is a joy to be around her. The last time she spent the night, I read her a story at bedtime, then came in here and got online to order one of her mama’s favorite bedtime stories when SHE was a little one, Loveable, Furry Old Grover’s Resting Places. It was one of my favorites to read, too, because I can do a pretty fair bad imitation of Grover!

Kaylee stayed Friday till after 3, so I didn’t get much done that day. Then I did our grocery shopping. Yay. Prices are playin’ hell with my budget…

Duffy was on call for the weekend, so didn’t go anywhere or do much. Worked in the yard, got the shutters up, and he built Kaylee a new swing. She came over yesterday, I think she likes it.

On Saturday, I also made a killer corned beef and cabbage to celebrate my husband’s Irish heritage. I didn’t make a boiled dinner, though, I baked the corned beef and sauteed some of our home-grown cabbage. Added a couple kohlrabi to that. Then simmered the red potatoes and carrots in the juice from the corned beef package. Hubby says it was the best he’s ever had. And that’s sayin’ something! Of course, I fixed it the same way last year, he just wasn’t here to eat it – Lovely Daughter got it then. This year, I’m feasting on leftovers!

We did a short training hike at Tillie Fowler Regional Park again. Getting CLOSE now!

I seem to be having either a nasty allergy attack, or I’ve got an ‘upper respiratory infection.’ Either way, I better be better by this time next week! Busy day ahead, better get started – y’all have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh yum!
    Corned beef, cabbage, mash, white sauce with parsley… yum. My favourite lawn-mowing food (when I was a skinny 30 year old).

    I’ll have to make some, but keep the helpings small.

    And I’ll have to take the “big picture” (see my blog “Cow of a day”), to work and share it.

  2. What? It wants me to log in to WordPress? As if I can remember that!

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