Fever broke

I was in a fog most of Thursday & Friday. Woke up yesterday knowing I had to make some things happen, but couldn’t find my change purse ANYwhere…so finally dug out my spare ID & went to get that little thing done…no, I’m not going into it, it’s just stuff. Anyway, I began to try to figure out where my little purse might be. It’s pink, about 3×4, just big enough for my ID, driver’s license, check cards, & library card & some cash, if I ever have any. After checking places I was sure it wasn’t, it came to my mind that the last time I’d seen it was the parking lot at Firehouse Subs. On Thursday. Called there. No luck. Checked a hundred more places. Nope. Kaylee’s mama came and picked her up around 5:30 and I tried to eat. Or something. Not sure, exactly. I think I remember cheese and crackers. Felt just horrid, snotty nose, headache, stuffy sinuses, fever…

I went to bed while it was storming. I’d been thinking of taking some Tylenol Nighttime Cold medicine, but was afraid how it would react with the regular bedtime meds I take – they already make me drowsy & then give the ability to sleep through EVERYTHING a storm can throw at me…so I didn’t take the Tylenol. I suppose I went to sleep with the light & tv on in the bedroom…but I really don’t know. I woke up around 4am, Duffy was in bed next to me, the light was off and so was the tv. The fever had broken, and I didn’t feel like death warmed over anymore. I went to the bathroom, then crawled under the sheet with the ol man. Woke up for good around 8am.

The cats were not amused.

I fed them anyway.

Duffy got up shortly after I did, we had coffee & I fixed him breakfast – he had to work at 1. Then I showered, while he looked a few places I’d already looked for my purse. Nope. I went down to the credit union, which is in the same strip mall (they don’t call them that anymore, do they?) as Firehouse Subs and Target. Cancelled the cards, ordered checks, then went to see if MAYBE my purse was at Firehouse.

Praise be to the Most High God – a man had turned it in shortly after I dropped it in the parking lot on Thursday!!! Everything was there and intact, even the $4.20 in cash!

So, I went back to the credit union to cancel the cancellation of my check cards! Life Is Good!

When I got home, I fixed Duffy a sandwich for lunch, then made us a reservation at a motel for the night before we begin our hike. I don’t know who named it, but I like it…behold, A Nice Little Motel

…in Pickens, South Carolina. The picture is Room W, which will be ours for one night. There are only 4 rooms. I’m looking forward to the whole trip, but who can argue with a place like that for the start!

Now I’ve got to get the dishes done…and I’m hungry again. AND we may get more rain! Have a wonderful evening, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wanda Zippler · · Reply

    When you went to Pickens did you drive by Augusta GA? It is really close to North Augusta SC where i live. If you ever drive though there give me a call and I will be glad to let you and Duffy stretch your legs at my place for awhile. I know those long drives can be tough.

    1. NO clue if we were anywhere near Augusta, but will check it out. And I’ll keep your offer in mind the next time we go, Wanda, thanks!

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