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7 Deadly Sins of Conversation

Number 6: Complaining – Life is hard for everybody and nobody cares about the play-by-play of why things aren’t as perfect for you right now as they are in the imaginary dream world you inhabit. I LOVE the illustration that goes with it: You can find the other 6 at PJ Lifestyle! Advertisements

Yes, we KHAN!

The football team here in Jacksonville was sold last year at the end of the season. The owner is a naturalized citizen who came to the United States as a teenager. He went to school, worked hard, and built his own corporation. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the EPITOME of the American Dream – […]

ANZAC Day: We will remember them…

One of the vids Kae has posted at the Bloodnut Blog: Go and read her post. Then thank God for them all. Thank you, Kae, for the beautiful post…and for your friendship.

The Bleat knocks it outta the park today

Everything about the EU has always seemed like play-acting – functionaries and mandarins pretending to rule over a thing that does not exist, yet given the power to tax and regulate the people who live in their imaginary land. WW2 was a “Civil War” only if you believe the continent was a single political entity. […]

The Role of Humility in Devotion

Taking responsibility for my part of the problem makes a difference. Humility signals that I’m asking God to work with me instead of expecting Him to solve my problems for me. Which means we have a relationship. And that’s good. The Role of Humility in Devotion.

Success vs. Fail

Thanks to Are We Lumberjacks:

Advice for Becky

Oh, what an awful decision to have to make. Becky Petrino is possibly surprised to find herself in overwhelming pain, a pain that is shocking in its intensity, made even more so by the fact that she was blind-sided by the deceit. I try my very best to not hate anything or anyone. This does […]