Happy Wanderer

This is the song I hummed in my head, to pace my breathing while we were hiking last week.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Glad there weren’t any of those pesky bouder bumping goats out there!

    1. Ain’t THAT the truth. In fact, wildlife was conspicuous by its absence. I saw a handful of BIRDS, and 2 of them were wild turkeys. In 4 days!

      1. swampie · ·

        Well, I figure the slapping of the mosquitos and loud cursing should most likely scare most wildlife away from me. Yet, sadly, a snake STILL insisted on crawling over my foot last week. I suppose since it’s been hangin’ around here for many years, it figures that it’s part of the family.

  2. Valda-ri, valda-ra!

    1. I remembered! “Valda-ri, valda-rahahahahaha!”

      And my ‘knapsack’ weighed in around 18 pounds!

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