Best. Vacation. Ever.

After this vacation, I think I can say in all honesty that I’ve never had a vacation before! Hiking the Foothills Trail was the high point, of course, but the whole thing was almost that good! Hiking – especially with hammocks as our sleeping accomodations – does not lend itself to marital intimacy, but the level of personal intimacy and honesty and love was something I don’t think I’ve experienced in all the years I’ve been sober. Got a brand new marriage, after nearly 30 years!

The ol man just left for work. I have to go shop for a birthday gift for a wonderful Friend…but I’m not exactly feeling the mood…

We’re slowly but surely adding entries to the Trail Journal…and I’m learning to add pictures to the gallery and to each entry. Duffy’s the BEST writer, so check it out if you get a few minutes. In case you didn’t know, the camera batteries died the first morning we were out…and I didn’t want to waste the battery power IF I could get my phone camera to work…so there are very few pictures for you to see. The pictures in my mind and the good feeling in my heart are enough, though.

These are from that first morning:

Whitewater River


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