Advice for Becky

Oh, what an awful decision to have to make. Becky Petrino is possibly surprised to find herself in overwhelming pain, a pain that is shocking in its intensity, made even more so by the fact that she was blind-sided by the deceit.

I try my very best to not hate anything or anyone. This does NOT mean I like everyone, or that I’m Little Mary Sunshine spreading cheer and good will wherever I go. I’m not.

I’m SO cynical, especially when it comes to having expectations of others. People – even ‘nice’ people – are often scum if you put them in the right circumstances. People – even ‘nice’ people – will stab you in the back if they think they can get something from you that they want. And butter wouldn’t melt in their lyin’ mouths.

I hope Becky Petrino has a good friend or two. I want her to have a fulfilled and fulfilling life with her children, family and friends. I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive the betrayal that’s being splashed around as if there aren’t real hurting people involved. I’d like to tell her that it’s ok if she kinda wishes in her deepest heart that the Other Woman experiences nothing good from now till she dies. From what I hear, it’s not an uncommon thought for wives whose husbands find other ‘amusement’ with females who wouldn’t know real love if it bit ’em on their fake tits.

I’d like to tell her that living well, being healthy and happy with those who love her – that is the BEST revenge.


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