His Faith Overcame His Pride ~ Guideposts

I’d spent over a decade building this log home in rural Maine. You bet I wanted to see everything he was doing, to see if his expression was as grave as his voice. To see if this dream had gone horribly wrong.

“Is it bad?” my wife, Debra, asked. For months she’d been telling me the wood was rotten. But I’d stubbornly refused to believe her. We’d suffered so many setbacks already. I couldn’t accept that God would have this in our plans too. No way. But finally I’d agreed to call this inspector.

As always, inspirational writing – something we expect from Guideposts. The difference here is that Bill Irwin is a Hero among long-distance hikers. This is the short-story version of why we feel that way.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Wow! Now THAT’s inspirational.

  2. Duffy reminded me the next day that I hadn’t mentioned in the post – for those who haven’t read the article, Bill Irwin is completely blind, but hiked the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine. THAT is why he’s a Hero among distance hikers. It’s a harrowing story, and we just found out it was FILMED, so will be buying the dvd on payday.

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