CongressWeasel Corinne Brown has competition!

I really believe she’s the most idiotic CongressWeasel in the Nation. Since her gerrymandered district has been upheld by the Courts, she is also CongressWeasel For Life for the rest of MY natural Florida life.

However, she’s got competition! I give you Pete Stark, CongressWeasel For Life, Fremont, California:

Chronicle: What specifically are you going to do in the next term to work with the tech sector?
Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA): I wish I had big enough expense allowance to get one of those new “S’s” that Solyndra’s going to make down there, the electric car. My 10 year old is after me. He no longer wants a Porsche. He wants dad to have an “S” sedan. They sound wild. I guess they run $60,000-$90,000.”

Corinne, Maxine, and Pete…the Holy Trinity of the Church of Out-of-Touch ‘Public Servants.’

(Tip of my cap to Paco and the PJ Tatler)


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