Another beautiful day…

…and I’m so sleepy I can hardly see straight. We weren’t at the beach all that long – very choppy, unfriendly surf on the incoming tide, cloudy and very windy . But the new umbrella worked great, Kaylee and her buddy Errica had fun digging and collecting shells – Errica even got stood up on the big surfboard when Kait took her out for a bit. Kaylee’s like me – we like playing in the sand, watching the birds and the boats.

Duffy had a great time on his new board, but busted a fin off on his first wave. Surf was going SIDEWAYS! Luckily, Johnny carries extra fins, and had one that fit Duffy’s board. Johnny’s the only one who spent much time out – he’s young and strong and very experienced. Kait got a bit of a workout and Juliet did, too – meaning they didn’t catch any waves. Kait was trying to teach Juliet on the big board, but it was just too rough. The only reason Errica had any luck was because it was right on the beach in the shallowest part of the surf. Really, really rough. Loud, too.

We saw a ship leave Mayport, we saw an advertising plane, some pelicans and seagulls, and a P-3! It was a lovely trip.

The pictures aren’t great, but they’re better than nothing.



Kait and Juliet are in this picture somewhere. Yes, really.

Errica the Ham and Kaylee the Shy

USS NeverDock? Not a pretty day to be on the water…

Really was a lovely day, even though the weather wasn’t very nice. The company was great, and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

Hope your day was everything you needed it to be, I’m going to go finish my book and then hit the hay. Thanks for stopping by!


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