My Friend Bob Belvedere, at The Camp Of The Saints, tells me there’s some devilment going on in the blogosphere. I’ve been a bit out of touch lately, and haven’t taken the time to read all the related items, but I trust Bob implicitly.

To get the full story, please read The Camp Of The Saints, The Other McCain, The Conservatory, The Daley Gator, Nice Deb, The Lonely Conservative, or American Power. Or read all of them – I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be time well spent.

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Gentlemen – and Lady Deb, I’m sorry I didn’t pick up on it sooner. Can’t really say it’s unexpected, though, can we?



  1. […] has caught the attention of Memeorandum, Instapundit, The Camp of the Saints, Darth Chipmunk and Pixie Place II. The Blogger Formerly Known as Aaron Worthing (who is the blogger Kimberlin was harassing) has also […]

  2. […] Mr. Kimberlin has now been associated with some of my online blogger friends…and not in a good way. The guy likes to flap his yap, that’s for sure (as if all those court filings didn’t warn me of that). You can find links to their coverage of this topic at my post from Monday. […]

  3. […] -KC Duffy [she comes at it from an interesting angle] and also here. […]

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