Free Speech Blogburst — D-Day: Operation #BrettKimberlin

A long time ago, and far, far away, I lived with my parents. I would often hear them discussing various people in the neighborhood – the guy who could fix anything, the man who worked at the newspaper, the widowed lady and her kids…and the guy who loved to sue anyone if, for ANY reason, he was somehow offended, whether by their words or their deeds.

It’s not really an uncommon trait – for many people, the Court is their greatest weapon against those who insult or injure them, whether the insult or injury is fancied or real.

Along comes the internet, with a seemingly endless supply of characters, opinions, information – factual and otherwise, and opportunities for…well, just about anything. Web Logs became blogs, and anyone with an opinion and a computer became the 21st Century’s version of Letters To The Editor that my dad and a certain neighbor lady exchanged in the pages of the local newspaper. I started this blog after reading a few blogs that were recommended by friends, or that I stumbled across somehow – you can find some of my inspirations in the blogroll at the top of this page. I am a firm believer in the First Amendment, but I try to use some discretion and blog as if My Little Grandma and G-d were looking over my shoulder. I’m not generally violent, and I’m learning to refine my vocabulary away from cussing.

NOT everyone is like me. I know, I know, hard to believe, but it’s true.

Why do some folks feel this need to use the legal system as their personal instrument of vengeance? I don’t know. But it seems Brett Kimberlin uses it often, and has done so for many many years.

Now, I realize that jailhouse lawyers exist, and that filing suits and motions and petitions to the Courts is an attempt to control a system over which he has no power whatsoever. But this is a very long list, beginning with appeals on his original sentencing on the conviction for “making, possessing, and maliciously destroying property by means of an explosive,” and continuing until at least 2003, according to the list I attempted to read and understand.

It has also been reported that Kimberlin claimed to have sold Dan Quayle pot in college, an allegation that came up during the presidential campaign in 1988. I guess that was in the days before Mr. Clinton made a few hits on a joint acceptable in a candidate. Of course, the Big Boys in the GOP might feel strongly about one of their own smoking a doobie and then some prisoner mouthing off about it, and Kimberlin sued the Department of Justice for their strong-arm tactics in depriving him of whatever right he thinks they deprived him of…in prison. Funny, that…the Department of Justice (cough) and the campaign were unnerved by the inmate’s allegations, obviously.

Mr. Kimberlin has now been associated with some of my online blogger friends…and not in a good way. The guy likes to flap his yap, that’s for sure (as if all those court filings didn’t warn me of that). You can find links to their coverage of this topic at my post from Monday.

Mr. Kimberlin is a convicted domestic terrorist. He was convicted of setting off bombs, one of which severely injured and crippled a man…who later committed suicide. There was speculation that the bombs were meant to provide cover for a murder. Kimberlin seems to be a master at manipulation of the legal system. He and his friends are Democrat operatives – are they now involved in the same kind of shenanigans allegedly used against Kimberlin himself? Only difference I see is, the blogosphere HAS a Right to Free Speech, as much or more than any convicted incarcerated felon. He and his peers have succeeded at making a blogger or two nervous. Kimberlin is certainly not adverse to violence and he and his friends are not above using intimidation. But there are a lot of us who truly believe in this Country and her Constitution, and who will speak out against the hate and lies spread about each other, nervous or not. We believe the First Amendment applies to EVERYONE. We also believe that those who prey on others should pay.

And we don’t like bullies.

Poster via ‘Victory Ours on King’s Mountain – South Carolina – October 7, 1780.’



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