The Grace of God – a review

I got this book in September. It’s one of those offered free by BookSneeze, in return for a review here on my blog and at a public sight – I have chosen the site to post my review.

The Grace of God, by Andy Stanley, was a difficult read for me, and I put it down shortly after I began.

Although the premise is the grace of God, Andy eventually takes me down a path I cannot walk – to evangelical Christianity. In the first chapter, he speaks of the apparent contrast between God in the Old Testament and God as explained by Jesus in the New Testament.

The Angry, Vengeful God vs God Is Love, Peace, & No War.

I could not finish the book. I hope to do so one day soon. Andy is a fine writer, very descriptive, and has a grasp of Biblical phraseology that I understood. I understand the ‘concept’ of Grace. But I don’t believe Grace is granted by Jesus, or that I need the intercession of Jesus to receive Grace.

I’ll work through this, in time, I’m sure. Meanwhile, read the book if you get the chance, it’s very well-written.

UPDATE: My husband is reading the book and thinks it’s wonderful. I don’t doubt him! I may well have him post his own review here!


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