Things I miss about small-town living…

From the Havre Daily News:

North Star High School’s track and field team just wrapped up a good year, with the girls team winning the Class C state championship, and Rudyard showed its pride.

A few dozen family and community members came out Wednesday night to a parade through downtown Rudyard and a program in the North Star gymnasium.

North Star Girls Track Team

Courtesy photo/Robert Spicher

The parade was led by the track team on top of a fire truck, throwing candy to the 20 or so attendees, followed by a pickup full of coaches and ended with kids on bikes, two at the beginning but five by the end. It crossed through downtown Rudyard, all four blocks of it, before pulling a U-turn and making the trip again.

North Star Public Schools Superintendent Ken Halverson began the evening program by quoting a congratulatory email from Centreville Public Schools Superintendent Dennis Gerke, because “we superintendent- types often borrow from our colleagues because somebody else usually finds a better way to say things. ”

“You cannot win championships without good athletes, good coaching and good preparation, ” Halverson read. “Obviously you had all three. Please express my congratulations to your team members. Their performances under extreme weather conditions show how bad they wanted to win. The communities of North Star should be very proud of these athletes. They now have something no one can take away from them, a state title. Kudos. ”

The coaches then shared some of their stories from the many meets and long drives that made up this season, evoking laughter and tears from the crowd.

Track assistant coach Shawn Rettig commended the track team, not only on their championship but on their belief in their own abilities, including the ability to stay humble and focused on their ultimate goal throughout their victories, pocketing their medals rather than showing them off.

“It wasn’t cockiness. It was confidence, ” Rettig said. “They expected to win. ”

Chris Kline, another assistant coach, was speechless.

“I’ve got nothing smart, just ‘woah, ’” Kline said.

After the coaches spoke, the parents and community members had an opportunity to speak.

Bonnie Anderson, mother of team captain Haylee Anderson, choked up describing her pride in the team doing as well as AA track teams.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever had a team where 100 percent qualified for state, and everyone came home with a medal, ” Anderson said.

Robert Spicher, chair of North Star’s board of trustees and father of track jumper Delainey Spicher, said that he remembers his basketball team competing in state championships, but never succeeding like his daughter’s team did.

“Not only did you bring home that trophy, ” Spicher said, “but you may have started something that will continue for a long time. ”


Rod Run expecting record year
As another summer gears up, Hi-Line Cruz’n is revving up to greet it with their 26th Annual Rod Run, and this year looks like it will be bigger than ever.

Barb Salerno, coordinator for the event said the group already has about 50 cars pre-registered. Only about a third of the total number of exhibitors usually register by this time, so they’re expecting far more than their usual 100.

Last year, Salerno said, the event drew more Canadians than ever. This year it seems like that record will be broken.

Canadian participants are coming down from as far away as British Columbia.

And Salerno believes exhibitors won’t be the only ones coming from all over the map, but the vehicles they bring should span the automotive world.

“I just think there’s going to be some different cars, ” Salerno said. “We have a lot of people that come back year after year after year, but this time we’re going to have some people that have never been.

“I don’t even know what they’re bringing. ”

While most of the event is tailored to registered participants, everyone is invited to the Rod Run’s Show and Shine event on Saturday from 11 a. m. to 2 p. m., where motor enthusiasts will show off all of their beauties at the Great Northern Fairgrounds.

As the event coincides with lunchtime, local 4-H club members will once again be selling food and refreshments at the Show and Shine as a fundraiser for their activities.

“We like to help local people out, ” Salerno said.

In this 2009 photo, Randy Russell of Medicine Hat, Canada, sits behind the driver’s seat of Jerry Vick’s 1931 Ford Model A at the Show ‘N Shine during the 2009 Annual Hi-Line Cruz’n Association’s Rod Run.


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  1. swampie · · Reply

    I love a small town, too. I like to be able to walk into a restaurant and they’ve put the order in for your food before you get to your seat.

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