Lileks and Schlichter and Smith – Oh, MY!

We’re getting a Kindle – soon as payday arrives. We’ve spent a couple weeks researching, asking friends and family their opinions…and we’ll be going with the Kindle Keyboard 3G. REALLY looking forward to it, and I already have a list of e-Books I’m getting when it arrives.

 I know, I can get a free Kindle app for my ‘puter, but I don’t add anything without talking it over with the ol man, and we haven’t had much conversation recently. He’s on a different shift now, going to bed at 5pm, leaving for work around 2am, and getting home about 11am. Today was only the 2nd day, he’s still a bit ‘off’ – and I’m a bit hinky, too, trying to remember what time of day to make which meal for him. But, we’ll get used to it…and by that time, we’ll be the proud ownders of a Kindle Keyboard and AT LEAST THESE THREE e-BOOKS! Better go fix his fruit bowl for ‘morning’ now…y’all take care, thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY READING!


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