It’s heating up out West…

…and I don’t mean in a good way. You know about the fires, of course.

I was reading this article on Yahoo, and though I try not to link to their stuff, I can’t help it here. There’s a line in there by a man I think I’d be proud to meet.

Mark Stein and his family, of Morristown, New Jersey, arrived at their Manitou Springs, Colorado hotel Sunday night. They had been in bed there for just minutes when the knock on the door ordered them to evacuate. Mr. Stein, instead of a lavish night at a hotel, spent his first day of vacation setting up cots at the school. And did he whine about the inconvenience? NO!

“I think it’s the best vacation ever. This is what the real world is about. There’s a lot of people that need help,” Stein said.

What a guy, Mr. Stein. Teach your children well!

Keep everyone involved in your prayers, and remember, the Salvation Army helps disaster victims with little or no help from the government and no million dollar compensation packages for those who choose to serve.

Duffy’s new schedule seems to be a good fit, start the second week tomorrow morning. It was a wonderful weekend, though I’d share some of the rain with those fighting fires if I could. Sounds like TS Debby will be hanging around a couple days – for which we are truly thankful. Mowing the yard is an improvement over listening to it crackle as I walked across it.

Better take my meds and get my sorry butt to bed. Y’all take care, drive defensively, help somebody if you can…thanks so much for stopping by!

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Meanwhile, in Montana



  1. Salvation Army are my GO-TO heroes whenever anyone asks who I recommend for donations after disasters (since we always seem to be in the middle of them {8^P). They are the BOMB.

    1. They do good work without skinning anyone. I admire that. Thanks for stopping by, glad to hear y’all dodged the Debby bullet!

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