And you know that means The Delivery, tonight at 8:30pm. Will find a link later.

This weekend, we ended our contract with Verizon and started using their prepaid, $50 unlimited text, talk, & web plan. Had to get new phones, as part of the deal. I like mine. The camera isn’t as good as the EnV3, but…Duffy ordered me a NEW compact digital, so I’ll be ok! He likes his new phone better, too, I think. It’ll be nice to always know what the balance due is.

I also finally got a phone for the house – cordless, so the cat can’t hang me up every time he plays with the phone cord…which was every time I was on that phone!

The news has been too depressing – I even cut out sports-talk because I had heard all I wanted about Penn State. Gas is on the rise again. The ‘news’ and commentary about the madman in Colorado is predictable, at best. My grocery bill has increased by about 20% in 2 weeks. *sigh*

Kaylee’s taking Level 1 swim lessons this week. I’ll get a picture here soon as I can.

Oh yeah, we went to see ‘Brave’ on Sunday, and I heartily recommend it! If you had the chance to change your fate…would you…?

Three generations…



  1. Lovely photo!

    1. Thank you!

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