More pics from Kaylee’s Vacation!

The Birds of Prey show – we were afraid it would rain, and it was pretty durn hot, but a breeze came through and the clouds kept the temps down a bit.

Waiting on the bird show.

Abby closes the show.

“Cirrus,” a Bateluer Eagle, followed by a barn owl and a tiny little owl I didn’t catch the name of – but it weighs only 6 ounces…then Kahlua, an American kestrel, and “Tequila,” a Mexican Crested Caracara. And then Abby, who both opened AND closed the show.



  1. Ohmygawrsh! WHAT was that fluffy black and brown and gray and orange thing?

    1. I can’t remember the names of ANY of them…but will look it up!

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