Following the news on my Twitter feed

I cannot bear to watch the news. Last time I did, was 11 years ago, for about 5 days straight. This time, I just can’t…

I’m going to post a few comments from my Twitter feed. I am as heartsick today as I was 11 years ago…maybe more, because then we had a Leader and today we have only a crummy bigoted lying shithead golfer.

@iowahawkblog: As a president, Obama makes a pretty good obscure IL state senator.#amansgottaknowhislimitations

@literallyfedup:  #Obama was warned about the embassy attack & did nothing. In that intelligence briefing was an —>EMPTY CHAIR. Americans were murdered.

@daggy1:  State dept had info on attacks before Ambassador was killed…. and they did nothing.. Hillary/Obama…. complete failure.

@kurtschlichter: So, is Egypt an ally or not? Will it be our friend again if we get rid of free speech so its widdle feewings don’t get hurt? #caring

@killpundit:  Please ignore the recent deaths. Instead, pay attention to the story that Romney called someone a dork when he was in 2nd grade.

@oddlysaid:  Do you think this was covered in the week of intel briefings Obama missed? RT @gregb94 yeah…. that’s not good at all

@pqlyur:  I’m interested to see how Obama’s communicaitons team (MSM) handles the news of a 48 hr notification of an embassy threat tomorrow.

@mnrobot:  Vexing problem for laughingstock media: how to blame Mitt Romney for Barack Obama’s “Egypt no …  #tcot #tlot #vrwc

@exjon:  At this point, there could be video of Obama reading “My Pet Goat” and the press would praise it’s Proustian narrative structure.

@chrisbarnhart:  Obama takes time out of busy day to play the

@chuckwoolery:  Arab Spring and attacks in Libya belong to Obama. Finally something that he can’t blame Bush for. Libya is to BO what Iran was to Carter.

That’s all I can bear for now. I’m going to go watch a little football. Go Packers!



  1. I still find it very interesting how the press is running interference for him. By golly, there’d be giant red headlines if Bush showed the sheer incompetence of this administration which, thankfully, he didn’t.

    1. “Interesting” might not be the word I’d use…suspect, collaborator, quisling, weasel, brownnoser, snake, turncoat would be more like it, I think…

      1. Well, I used “interesting” instead of the words that I would prefer to use as it IS a family blog!

  2. Plus, I don’t want to get any FBI visits.

    1. You’ll come visit me in jail, right? 😀

      1. Of course! Tell me, what sort of explosives do you like in your cake?

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