Bumps in the road

The Current Occupant and the Weasels in his administration just make me sick. I no longer listen to Rush because I can’t bear the Soundbites of Stupid he plays. I listen to sports-talk radio. I haven’t watched the news since Gulf War I, except for a small break during the first 9-11. I get my news from headlines, Twitter, and the newsbreaks on the half hour on 1010xl.

I have kept quiet about my anger and my fear until now. Starting today, I think I’ll post more political items than before.

Good ol Hillary is directly and personally responsible, as Secretary of State, for the safety of those in US embassies around the world. As President, B-HO is also responsible.

Not that they give a rat’s rear about anyone but themselves…



  1. Soundbites of Stupid! Makes a nice partner to the ‘Invincible Ignorance’ Bob Belvdere quoted recently.
    We’re not so good with the alliteration here in the Great South Land. All we have is The Circus of Ineptitude.

  2. Hey, thanks for coming by and commenting! Give me time, I’ll come up with something for you…tho “ineptitude” may be tough to glue sequins to…maybe just some velvet ribbon…I’ll get back to you!

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