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Say it ain’t so!

Originally posted on A1A South:
I was looking at Thanksgiving, the turkey, this weekend.  I felt his drumsticks.  Hmmmmm.   If he gets any bigger, he will not fit into the oven. He might not fit now. “Hey!” I told SwampMan. “You better butcher that turkey this weekend. He’s HUGE. He will probably take ALL…

What he said…

Remember that beautiful girl who went fishing for the first time?

Well, the local radio program I listen to has put one of the pictures up as their Photo Of The Week! Is that cool, or what! Thank you, Big Bill, at The Outdoors Show, on 1010xl, Saturday mornings from 7am-10am! TAKE A KID FISHING!!!!!! Thats what Karla Duffy did and got the young one hooked […]

The Plan, the Man, and the Believers

The Other McCain‘s take on The Current Occupant’s Current Slogan: Attributing systematic and deliberate unfairness to Republicans as The Party of the Rich has been the basic message of the Democratic Party for as long as any living soul can remember. It is their raison d’être, their stock in trade, their Fundamental Article of Faith. There are […]

Silence on Libya

“Whatever the gain and whatever the strategy, this matter of American deaths in Libya is of vital importance to American voters. It is important because it shows how far the American government has drifted from the confines of the Constitution and how far we as a people have drifted from the rule of law.” Read […]

First Fish!

We took Kaylee fishing yesterday – her very first time. There’s a little pond at NAS that’s close to the parking area and has some shady areas (yes, that is a consideration necessary in October). We had a ball!           This fish was a bit bigger than the first, but in […]

Autumn Weekend – The Conclusion

After a bit of time at Mountain Crossings, we drove over to Vogel State Park. We both had a ‘need’ for time with packs on our backs, in search of a view… There’s a short 4 mile loop called Bear Hair Trail at Vogel, so that’s the one we chose. Parked in the parking lot, […]