A more democratic Middle East doesn’t mean a more pro-American Middle East

From JewishWorldReview.com: Glenn Garvin: In this clash of civilizations, the West seems to have a lot of fifth columnists.


…When the White House changed hands in 2009, one of the most confident predictions of President Obama’s team was the calming effect he would have on foreign relations, especially in the Middle East. Getting rid of Bush’s cowboy hat and treating other countries like respected equals would make a huge difference.

So how did that work out? The most popular chant of the mobs thronging streets throughout the region last week was “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.” It turns out that people in the Middle East, unlike the American chattering classes, are more impressed with deeds than words.

All the smooth talk in the world won’t distract them from the fact that Obama has turned the skies over the region into a killing field. In Pakistan alone, he’s unleashed nearly 300 aerial drone strikes (six times as many as were launched during the whole of the Bush administration) and inflicted a death toll numbering in the thousands. Cowboy is as cowboy does.



One comment

  1. Eh. I’m not sure that the middle east is *more* democratic now. I believe it is substantially less democratic for Christians, Jews, Buddhists, women, etc.

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