Our Autumn Weekend

With things possibly changing drastically around here, Duffy and I decided to skip Kaylee’s 5th birthday party on Saturday and leave for the mountains when he got off work on Friday morning. Had a tiny little birthday party with Kaylee on Thursday, after Grandma Brown and I spent the morning with her at St. Mark’s. It was Grandparents and Special Friends Morning and this was our third chance to see Kaylee at school. I’ll post pictures of the ‘party’ later.

We were out of the driveway by 9:15. Nearly 9 hours later – including a stop for groceries to make Mountain Man Breakfast on Saturday and 2 massive slow-downs due to wrecks and a stop for supper at Subway in Dahlonega – we pulled into Goose Creek Campground. Found our spot right on the creek, and while Duffy set up hammocks, I…have no clue what I did. Must not have been very helpful to him, I’m sorry to say…

Oh, yeah, I took a couple pictures and set up the percolator so we’d have coffee in the morning!

Looking toward the bathhouse from our campsite.

Hammocks up at Goose Creek.

We didn’t start a fire, because neither of us thought we’d be awake long enough to tend it. We walked up the road a bit and looked at the cabins available….trying to stay awake till dark, anyway…and were both in hammock and asleep before 8:30.

Duffy always gets up earlier than I, so the coffee was ready when I finally rolled out in the morning. Got the charcoal going and made our Mountain Man Breakfast in the Dutch oven. It was pretty durn good!

Luke (neighbor’s dog), watching the creek.

Sun coming over the ridge…

Then it was off to our first stop of the day – we were dressed in hiker clothes and carrying daypacks and sticks. It promised to be a great morning!

I’ve got chores to get done now, and a day to get going on, so will stop here and post more on that fabulous day later on. Hope your day is filled with love, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Steve Lemois · · Reply

    Beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your blessings!

    1. The tough part for me is always coming back to the city, Steve. I hate cities, and eastern cities in particular…try to blossom where I’m planted, but these getaways are so necessary to my soul. Thanks for commenting, m’Friend, hope you make a habit of it!

  2. Looks like fun, I can’t wait until we can go, too!

    1. We’re ALL looking forward to that, Kait – I think especially your daughter!

  3. Glad you had a good day!

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