Back to pictures of our Autumn Weekend!

See, that didn’t take long at all, did it…thanks for being so patient.

Our first stop of the day was Helton Creek Falls. Beautiful place, off the beaten path some…dirt road and switchbacks. Lovely. But there was a church bus in the parking area when we got there – must’ve been a skilled driver…or he knew the area real well. Not sure I’d have driven anything bigger than our Tundra! It was definitely worth the trip.

The ‘challenging’ footpath to the Falls…

So…enough of the waterfall. It was a beautiful walk, saw a couple dogs who were THRILLED to be in the water. TWO of the church kids left their Bibles behind, I caught ’em before they got too far back up the path.

Next stop? A place I’ve been in my mind every day since setting foot in the parking lot. Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi. The store at Neel Gap has been there a long time, and I found a pack that FITS when I was there. Of course it’s far too expensive for a sometime-hiker like me, but I think I’ll look for a less expensive one, now that I know how different it is if the durn thing fits. I had Duffy take a picture of me with it on, but I look like some cartoon witch – my chin reminds me of Hagatha…and the hair ain’t much better. All I need is a wart. If it bugs me enough, I’ll take it back down.

Gorgeous view from the patio.

Entrance to the hostel in the basement of the building.

One of the cats.

One of the cats.

Duffy truck in the parking lot.

Yes, this is the pack I mentioned. Don’t look at my face, ok?

My new motto. Can’t live it all the time, but can aspire to it.

I’m going to stop there for tonight. I’m listening to The Delivery and following the Tigers game, plus keeping an eye on the debate on Twitter. I know, I know…multi-tasking looks easy, doesn’t it.

The point is, I gotta get to bed shortly. I’ll post the rest of my pictures in the VERY near future. Yes I will! Have a great night, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. I think you look very nice in that picture. Too tiny to be totin’ that big ol’ backpack!

    Y’all were very, very close to the bro-in-law’s place.

    1. I carry btwn 13 and 18 pounds (one fifth of body weight is usually the max suggested) – which is nearly nothing for most people but I ain’t most people. The way a pack fits is of utmost importance, since a badly fitted pack makes an otherwise beautiful hike into a real chore. I did ok with the one I have, but after trying on the one at Mountain Crossings, I can tell there’s a better way!

      Some day…

      And thanks for the compliment, Swampie. I guess it bothers me most cuz it’s not how I see MYSELF. Delusion lives on…!

  2. Well, my pictures are very evocative of a big ol’ elephant. Yet I still see myself as a scrawny distance runner and scare myself in mirrors. Go figure!

    1. The me I see doesn’t have long hair…

      When I was a kid, Aunt Clara used to come visit…My Favorite Cousin and I thought she looked like a witch, with her hair on top of her head, and a pointy chin and nose…well, guess who I see when I see pictures of me…and the voice doesn’t help anything at all…

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