Autumn Weekend – The Conclusion

One of my favorite pictures of the weekend…

After a bit of time at Mountain Crossings, we drove over to Vogel State Park. We both had a ‘need’ for time with packs on our backs, in search of a view…

There’s a short 4 mile loop called Bear Hair Trail at Vogel, so that’s the one we chose. Parked in the parking lot, got a map and filled the water bottles, then found the trail head. It was a gorgeous hike…it was cool…really! But before the 2nd mile was past, I learned a permanent lesson about myself. When hiking, I cannot bear to wear pants. I zipped off the legs of the ones I was wearing, and took off my t-shirt, too. A silk camisole and sport kilt were what I hiked the Foothills Trail in, and that is the way I am most comfortable – it wasn’t as hot as when we hiked Foothills Trail but I was more than hot after 2 short miles. I shall not forget that again!

The view.

Time for tea, with a limited view of Blood Mountain.


Babbling brook

The man who makes my Life possible…and a lot more fun.

Yes, we added a stone, too.

***************************************************************************************************************** That was the end of that adventure. What a beautiful hike. Beautiful.

After that 4 miles, we were hungry. We stopped back at Mountain Crossings to see if anyone had a recommendation for supper. The nice young man at the register said there was a place about 8 miles down the road…might be a line out the door, but it’s worth the wait.

Jim’s Smokin’ Que. Oh BROTHER! There was no line till after we sat down, for the best BBQ I have EVER had in my whole life. If you find yourself in Blairsville, Georgia, don’t miss this wonderful little joint.

By the time we finished eating, I was tired. We headed back to camp to wait for late enough to go to bed! Had a bit of a fire for a little while, but right after dark we were both fighting to stay awake. Duffy went to bed and I made sure the coffee pot was set up and the fire was out. Then I turned in.

Only to wake around 3-ish…tried to go back to sleep, but I KNEW I was going to have to find a tree before that happened, so I was waiting…and heard it start to RAIN! I got out of my hammock and got the coffee pot in the truck, plus the milk crates. THEN I found a tree…IYKWIMAITTYD. By the time I went to sleep again, I could tell the weather had changed – it wasn’t raining, but it was cold.

Duffy was already up with the coffee perked when I finally woke up again. We broke camp fast and headed out by 0715. We drove down to Turner’s Corner Cafe for breakfast. We’d seen the place on the way in Friday night, and made note of it. It didn’t open till 8am, but I was willing to wait the few minutes till then, since I wanted to use the restroom to get out of my ‘jammies’ and brush my teeth.

For the very first time in my life, on the recommendation of the server, I ordered A biscuit and gravy with sausage. It was good, too, but I probably won’t do it again – just never cared much for biscuits, though this one was really tasty.

Then, we were on the road south again. Little more than 7 hours later, we were back in the heat of NEFL. Bleh.

So, that’s our whole Autumn Weekend. It has taken me longer to write and post pictures about it than the whole thing took, including driving time. I don’t like being back here, but sometimes there just aren’t better choices – Life comes with obligation and duty, and mine is here. I enjoy it as best I can.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and thanks for stopping by!

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