First Fish!

We took Kaylee fishing yesterday – her very first time. There’s a little pond at NAS that’s close to the parking area and has some shady areas (yes, that is a consideration necessary in October). We had a ball!

Checking out the worms


Ok, maybe not THAT close…

Love this…


Got him!

Gotta lift him out of the grass…look at that form!


We are so proud!




Look at that smile…

This fish was a bit bigger than the first, but in this picture looks huge – it’s because she was holding the fishing pole toward the camera.

We went home after this to have some ginger snaps, and then I took Grandpa’s Fishin’ Buddy home.

All in all, a perfect afternoon.



  1. It’s good to know that younguns are still being introduced to the simple pleasures of life.

    1. We try! It’s a gift we couldn’t give our daughter – being Navy, we moved often, and were a long way from everyone. My folks were in Montana, his were in Indiana. No matter how much I hate it here – and I do – I have to remind myself that Mary Poppins didn’t leave till the wind changed…it’s so worth it, too, as you can see.

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