Say it ain’t so!

Swampie’s going vegetarian?

A1A South

I was looking at Thanksgiving, the turkey, this weekend.  I felt his drumsticks.  Hmmmmm.   If he gets any bigger, he will not fit into the oven. He might not fit now.

“Hey!” I told SwampMan. “You better butcher that turkey this weekend. He’s HUGE. He will probably take ALL DAY to cook.” Not to mention that he eats and craps as much in one day as a whole pen full of chickens. Did I mention the price of chicken food? Horrendous!

“What?” asked SwampMan.

I raised my voice just in case he couldn’t hear me. “Are we going to butcher Thanksgiving this weekend?”

“You want me to KILL my turkey?”

“That is what you told me that you got him from the feed store for. We will raise our own turkey dinner, you said!”

“I can’t kill Thanksgiving! Besides, I don’t like turkey.”

The neighbors have been eyeballing Thanksgiving, too…

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