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Seems two CAN’T play that game…

I was going to post the picture…but I think I’ll just link to the Glenn Beck story instead. He may go over the top on things, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong. In this case, I see no reason that Piss Christ was revered as an expression of First Amendment Rights, but Pee Pee Obama […]

Mark Steyn: Neither of these women passes the smell test posts the finest columns and comics…and Mark Steyn is at the top of that list! Let us turn from the post-Thanksgiving scenes of inflamed mobs clubbing each other to the ground for a discounted television set to the comparatively placid boulevards of the Middle East. In Cairo, no sooner had Hillary Clinton’s plane cleared […]

Thankful for the thorns…

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. Though I’m not Christian, I still marvel at the teaching…God gave me mountains, so I’d learn how to climb… ****************************************************************************************************** Thanks For The Thorns Sandra felt as low as the heels of her Birkenstocks as she pushed against a November gust and the florist shop door. Her […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

This looks like no place I ever lived, but it’s a nice construction…you’ll see my dream place if you check out the link yesterday. I’m kinda outside the norm, deep in my heart, anyway… Y’all have a fine day, I think we may go for a short hike, if the ol man feels up to […]

Thanksgiving memories

When I was young, my grandmother and great aunt were school teachers in a small farming community in southern Alberta. The county supplied housing, little 2 bedroom teacherages near the school. Did both of them have their own house? I seem to think so…but they may have shared one place. They were VERY small (our […]

The Coming Environmental Battles

Paul Driessen at The United States is now Balkanized into five distinct voting blocs, says Joel Kotkin. Other political analysts see the nation bifurcating along “makers” and “takers” lines, while still others say 50.6% of the popular vote is hardly a mandate. In any event, when American voters reelected President Obama, they also returned his […]

Field test for my new Camino pack

Weekends are great, aren’t they? Duffy works till noon & I worked till 2:30, then showered up and went to eat at Ramirez…what  can I say, the roast pork is surely some of the best food on the planet, especially when combined with black beans and rice…mmm… They’re open, with a buffet meal on Thanksgiving, […]