Here we go…

UPDATE: So…I’m a little sick…another 4 years of sports-talk radio and Mike and Mike in the Morning…along with huge fees and taxes and hikes in prices for gas and food…but-by-God-free birth control for pathetic overgrown teenagers…

Welcome to my nightmare…

From my Twitter feed:

Michelle Malkin: Work Hard. Pray Hard. Fight Hard. No Distractions…

Bob Belvedere: WOLVERINES!!!

I’m trying not to be sick – so worried that I’ll wake up in the morning with that murderer and his family still in the White House. I’m following on Twitter, trying NOT to read the exit poll posts, and I refuse to watch the results come in on television. I’ll watch old soap operas before I’ll do that…

I’m also not going to pray – did that last time, and you see what happened!

If there’s good news, I’ll update this later. If not, I may be too low to get out of bed for days.



  1. You should drive around my county. Flags are upside down and at half mast! So is ours, with the Gadsden flag on top.

  2. When we get tired of flying the American flag at half mast and upside down (and we may remove the star from Florida), we will take it down and put it away. We will not fly it again.

    1. We are likely doing the same…

  3. From now on, we will just fly a state flag or a flag of the Confederacy.

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