Happy Birthday to me!

I had the best birthday EVER yesterday!

It started with finding a card and gift from my loving husband, soon as I got up. The gift was a new Warbonnet Blackbird single hammock! WOW!!! My own Blackbird!

I got a cup of coffee, fixed him some breakfast, and then we headed over to Tillie Fowler Park to walk in the woods a bit…and hang my new hammock…OH, it is so lovely! (I’ll post pics sometime later, they’re on the phone and never turn out right when I put them here). It is perfect, it is beautiful! It is MINE! Duffy fixed us some tea, and we admired the hammock, and the blue sky and sunshine and the P-3’s that were taking off right over our heads…what a great morning!

Now I have to backtrack – my perfect birthday started on Tuesday, when I called Chris at ULA to find out about the Camino panel-loading pack they have. OH, be still, my heart – they will MAKE me a small even though they don’t offer it in small, AND I can get it in red! OH HAPPY HAPPY DAY! It should be here Monday!

Now, back to yesterday…

We went back to the house, changed clothes, and went to pick up Kaylee at school. We took her to Chick-fil-A for lunch, but her friend Olivia was there and they played the whole time. I hope Olivia’s grandma will take her there again sometime soon. We took Kaylee back to our house so she could eat her lunch, had some ice cream, and then took her home. After dropping her off, we went to one of our favorite places to eat, especially in November…sorry, kids, money’s tight right now but we WILL get dinner there one day again soon as a whole family…hope you’ll understand. It wasn’t Jim’s Smokin’ Q, but it was a reasonable substitute.

Duffy’s new old job entails 2 completely different shifts – Monday-Wednesday is 11a-8p, and Friday-Saturday are 3a-11a. So, he went to bed shortly after we got home from supper.

I showered and changed, and went to PPG. Nice crowd, and they’d all signed a card for me, plus my Best Friends Roxanne and Angie brought me the coolest gifts. And my NEW BESTEST FRIEND baked me a red velvet cake! It is SO yummy!

During the break, a man there informed me that he just bought 13 acres in south Georgia, about an hour and a half from here…and we are welcome to camp/hammock/hike there any time we please! O.M.G! THEN a woman I’ve known – but not well – for several years mentioned that she’d like to begin hiking, and she’s reading about it with her husband, and…O. M. G again!

When I got home, I put away the leftover cake and sat down to thank my Creator, out loud and in person, for the beautiful day and wonderful people He’s put in my life.

Weird thing is, it seems to be carrying over into today, and I’m thankful all over again!

I have GOT to find something to eat now, though – long day, little food, I could get cranky…good thing the ol man’s been asleep for an hour…so, y’all have a FINE weekend, come back again soon when I’ll put something wickedly political up – I warn you now, I plan to do that at least once a week…thanks for stopping by today!



  1. Oooooh! Happy birthday, and many happy returns!

    1. Thank you, Swampie! My pack arrived today, we spent Saturday night at Camp Ken, and Life does not suck right now at all. Pictures and commentary will have to wait, though, I’m WAY behind on housekeeping duties! Tomorrow, I hope!

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