Field test for my new Camino pack

Weekends are great, aren’t they? Duffy works till noon & I worked till 2:30, then showered up and went to eat at Ramirez…what  can I say, the roast pork is surely some of the best food on the planet, especially when combined with black beans and rice…mmm… They’re open, with a buffet meal on Thanksgiving, too, so have solved our dilemma about where to eat that day!

Now, Duffy has Sundays off on this new schedule, and for the first time in 5 days, the sun was shining! So, I got the laundry done after breakfast, while he puttered around doing some chores, and then we headed out to do a short loop in Jennings State Forest. Wanted to carry a full pack, see if I can handle 18 pounds with the suspension I now have…cuz that was a killer rate in my old pack.

Gorgeous day for a hike, just gorgeous.

Side view

Photo of tree onto which you would NOT hang a hammock!

Tea Time

Put up my new Blackbird for the first time.

All by myself!

Next time we go, Duffy’s going to teach me to put up the tarp. Bit more to that than wrapping a strap around a tree, dontchaknow.

As for the Camino, I couldn’t be happier with it. The zipper for the panel opening takes some patience, because of the rounded shape and my cranky old knuckles. It’s weatherized somehow, with a silicon-feeling finish on the cloth part of the zipper (I used to know the names for the parts of a zipper, but Mrs. Kerner’s home ec class was a looooong time ago), and a larger flap, to protect it from as much weather as possible, I imagine. It carried the 17 or 18 pounds without a whimper. The S-strap is a MASSIVE improvement, and I just love the size of the hip belt pockets! I could feel rubbing on my collarbones, but nothing like I had with the old pack…and I’m beginning to think that’s from the bra strap now. It was easier to adjust away from with this pack, that’s for sure, with load lifters and adjustments at other places on the pack, and a hip belt that fits how and where it’s meant to fit. It also helped that the suspension kept the weight better distributed, which makes for an easier carry.

My eternal thanks to Chris and his crew at ULA!

We also discussed the next long hike…and looks like it’ll be his continued section hike of the AT, sometime in late Spring. REALLY looking forward to it, as those are real mountains, not a pleasant walk in the park with weight on your back, which is what I did yesterday.

Now, to find my little hand weights…the workout starts today!

Y’all have a wonderful afternoon, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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