Monthly Archives: December 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had our Family Christmas on Sunday – Duffy’s day off, and that way there’s no conflict between grandparents. We had such fun! I’ll post pictures later. Today, Hubby’s on call, and we’re both kinda laying low – watching tv (Cowboys For Christmas on AMC) – because yesterday we cleared trail at the camp in […]


Gingerbread, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, was one of Mike Cassel’s favorite deserts. I don’t know if I can eat a whole pan, but would love to try this. Wonder if PPG members would eat the leftovers…and it’s America’s Test Kitchen, so it’ll be really good… Makes one 8-inch square cake, serving 8 to […]

My heart is lighter…

I’m cleaning Kaylee’s room today…in case she wants to come stay overnight. It was getting so deep with her toys and my clothes that weren’t put away, plus magazines that needed a new home…almost couldn’t walk in there. One of the smaller pieces of clutter was a box, 9 or 10 inches square, that’s been […]

I really don’t enjoy shopping much.

Just got home from Walmart, after a couple hours at the Navy Exchange…what fun. There were some real deals at NEX – 30% off something I needed a lot of! Love it when that happens. But I’m not used to being on my feet for so long, and my hips are not happy right now…so […]

Monsters among us are not deterred by magical thinking…

Policies making areas “gun free” provide a sense of safety to those who engage in magical thinking, but in practice, of course, killers aren’t stopped by gun-free zones. ~Instapundit   More information and excerpts from many other worthy columnists and bloggers at

Sickness in Connecticut…

The monsters among us just love gun-free zones… The Other McCain updated all day, though I just now had the guts to read anything but the flimsiest of Twitter posts… If you pray, please add the beautiful children who were murdered, their families and friends…everyone at the school and in the community…and the First Responders […]

Snack time at St. Mark’s