Pearl Harbor Day

The first shot fired in World War II was not at Pearl Harbor – it was at Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay

g32836g32854g32943Remember Pearl Harbor…

Remember the good men we lost, and the good men who lived on…

Lt. John Finn was a True American Hero:

Remember, too, that The Current Occupant and his entire administration watched and did nothing while the Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi were brutalized and murdered.



  1. Bravo… and just for amusing discussion, I believe the “first shot” was from the USS Ward on a Japanese midget sub outside of Pearl… 🙂

    May all rest in peace…

    1. Entirely possible, Sir, thank you…I feel the need every year to remind people that the attack was not limited to the destruction of the ships at Pearl Harbor.

      For those interested, this site has information:

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