My heart is lighter…

I’m cleaning Kaylee’s room today…in case she wants to come stay overnight. It was getting so deep with her toys and my clothes that weren’t put away, plus magazines that needed a new home…almost couldn’t walk in there.

One of the smaller pieces of clutter was a box, 9 or 10 inches square, that’s been sitting in the same place for about a year and a half. It’s full of ‘gifts’ given to me by The Whore From Georgia, as she insinuated herself into my family. I shredded the book, slashed up the clothes and knitted scarf, tore the pictures into little pieces, and put them in this box till I decided what to do with them. Mail them to her place of employment? Put them on her doorstep and light them on fire? I liked both of those…sometimes including dog poop…but she’s really not worth the effort.

If she can take my husband, there’s nothing I can do to change it. It doesn’t mean I did wrong, it means I trusted the wrong people. I won’t make THAT mistake again. My broken heart doesn’t mean the world has ended. God made me pretty durn resilient, if what I’ve been through is any indication.

I threw the whole thing out, with all the other garbage.


There is no denying that this is a formidable task, as Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch states. Inasmuch as the Talmud refers to strength as the ability to subdue “personal inclinations,” i.e., all the urges of the Yetzer Hara (Evil Inclination), and cites the verse about being slow to anger, Nachmanides concludes, “Begin working on self-control by subduing anger,” i.e., by forgiveness.



  1. I liked lighting them on fire along with her house…..oh, wait. Was that an option?

    1. It wasn’t one that I wrote down, but you and I think along the same lines, don’t we… 😀

    2. More important than my little mitzvah, how are you and yours doing? Think about you often, have you all in my prayers.

      1. I have just spent an entire day Christmas shopping, and I am almost done! Nothing expensive, of course. I’ve only gotten things for the grandkids. The kids will get gift cards.

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