Merry Christmas!

We had our Family Christmas on Sunday – Duffy’s day off, and that way there’s no conflict between grandparents. We had such fun! I’ll post pictures later.

Today, Hubby’s on call, and we’re both kinda laying low – watching tv (Cowboys For Christmas on AMC) – because yesterday we cleared trail at the camp in Georgia. That was FUN, but feeling a bit sore today. I fixed him breakfast, but now I’m doing what I hoped to start MUCH earlier – I’m baking cookies. Maybe Hubby’s favorite cookies – the original Quaker Oats recipe for oatmeal cookies. I haven’t baked cookies in a long time, but I got new baking sheets for Christmas on Sunday!

Mmm…I’ll let you know how they come out, the first pan is in the oven.

In the meantime, go read Bob’s post at The Camp Of The Saints. You won’t regret it.



  1. Snoopy’s Christmas – I had that EP when I was a boy. It seemed a bit unlikely that the Red Baron would let him off that way. But then I learnt about the Christmas Truce of 1914 in a short story by Robert Graves.
    I hope the cookies came out well.

    1. Did you know…my husband’s name is Gregory? I have never called him anything but Duffy, didn’t even know that wasn’t his 1st name for quite awhile after we met. When his parents or other family is around, I have a terrible time – got away with ‘Chief’ for a long time! And this year, his Christmas present to himself was a very nice pack for long-distance hiking – made by Gregory! So his name is stitched on his pack, visible for all to see…

      Of course, now I just call him Grandpa. 🙂

      1. Didn’t know his first name was Gregory? That reminds me of the day my mother had to run through a list of family names before she remembered mine. “Michael.. uh, Tim… uh, Anthony… uh’ – hand waving in frustration – ‘Greg…’

    2. I had two Royal Guardsman albums when I was a girl…thanks to my dad. If they are still in existence, my sister has them – she got everything when Dad died and Mom moved away from her.

      The cookies came out quite well, thank you! And Hubby is sooo ready to go back to work to get away from me and my blather.

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  2. A very belated ‘Thank You’ for the link and the kind words [I just got back from vacay].

    And A Very Happy New Year to You And Yours!

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