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People…well, that’s all I’m gonna say…

Cyprus ballot riles Guinness record books (via AFP) Cyprus presidential election ballots must be reprinted over a copyright infringement after Guinness World Records complained about a candidate’s use of its logo, state radio said on Tuesday. Some 570,000 ballot papers for the election scheduled to be held on February 17 would now have to be […]

From the ol man…

3rd Annual Florida Hang

Only the official picture for now, will post the ones I took later. Best 4 hour weekend (not including drive time) of my life so far! I am 2nd row back, just to the left of the hammocker in the moon, yellow shirt. Duffy is next row back, to the left of me, blue shirt. […]

What’s in that name?

It was only a matter of time before you could outsource the naming of your baby to Corporate America: Last year, Groupon offered parents $1,000 for the naming rights to their first-born child. Read the article at What’s in that name?.

Quick update

Hubby has been off work sick this week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – then Thursday was his day off. He worked his 3am-noon shift on Friday, and is working that same shift today. He’s making it through those shifts thanks to the miracles of modern chemistry and sheer guts. While he’s been sick, I’ve […]

Originally posted on A1A South:
According to Joe Biden, Obama is thinking about banning guns via executive order. Snort. Yeah, like we’re going to pay attention to THAT. You really want to go there, Obama? Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker. Bring it ON.

Thank you for your patience…

Computer is here, installed, updated, and running like a champ…will begin posting again soon! Thanks for stopping by! In the meantime, I like Reba…