Happy New Year!

On the 5th day of Christmas, the tech gods gave to me – one hard-drive crash!

Or maybe it was a sign of the country going over the cliff…

So, we’re operating on a borrowed laptop with a keyboard that keeps putting the cursor into other areas of print…but we’re operating! Duffy downloaded Chrome this morning, and things are much smoother and quicker now. With the previous set-up, I could READ my blog, but I couldn’t DO anything with it. I still can’t post pictures, but I haven’t been anywhere or done anything picture-worthy – such is my life – so no loss there.

Duffy ordered a new computer, which came yesterday and will have to be returned today. It’s a refurbished lease model, and didn’t work properly. Tech support was astounded they couldn’t help. So, no new computer for a week or more. Many thanks to Friend Jennifer for the use of her laptop!

Duffy’s taking his hazmat driver test today. It’s a regular rainy day – mopped the floors yesterday, will dust-mop under the beds today and try to rearrange my cabinets…some…maybe… maybe soup-making…maybe not…

Picking up my Pixie at noon, her first day back at school after Christmas break – always look forward to spending time with her!

Another cup of coffee is in order now. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well, welcome back! I figured that you were running around like a crazy woman, like I was, and just didn’t have time. Sorry about your computer, hope your new one is healthy. I HATE it when my computer goes kablooey. I swear that one of these days when I have more free time, I’m gonna learn how to fix ’em just so I won’t be so frustrated.

    1. You have my phone number – text me if I’m away for more than a few days!

      1. TEXT? I can’t even see the letters on my phone keys! (I can barely make out the numbers.)

      2. You can send text to a phone from your email. Easier numbers & letters to see!

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