Quick update

Hubby has been off work sick this week – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – then Thursday was his day off. He worked his 3am-noon shift on Friday, and is working that same shift today. He’s making it through those shifts thanks to the miracles of modern chemistry and sheer guts.

While he’s been sick, I’ve gotten very little housework done, aside from fixing him things to eat and doing up the dishes. Not sleeping very well, either. Three nights in a row, I’ve gotten to bed later than usual. AND I have a new protege going through the Steps – by phone and email, since she’s in another city.

I still picked Kaylee up but took her directly home from school, then yesterday she FINALLY got to spend some time at Grandma’s house, colouring and watching a little tv. She was so glad to see her grandpa, and he was pretty happy to see her, too.

Today, when he gets off work, we’re going out to Buck Lake to ‘hang around’ the hammock-campers at the 3rd Annual Florida Hang for awhile. We had planned to spend the weekend there, but with him being sick AND having to work tomorrow, it just didn’t work out. So we’ll go sit by the fire, maybe get there in time to be in the group photo, and eat some low-country boil and corn&bacon casserole! Mmm…

Why I woke up at 0555, I have no idea. I have a terrible headache, but maybe coffee will help that. Gotta feed the cats, too – they are NOT pleased when I’m late…and I’m only late cuz I’ve been laying in bed waiting on The Outdoors Show!

So…I’m off again. Y’all have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hope you’re not getting sick, too!

    1. So far, so good on that score, Swampie! Cuz ain’t nobody needs that!

  2. Glad to hear that you haven’t gotten ill. Beautiful weekend, don’t want to spoil it.

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