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No excuses…just no time!

I don’t feel very well, Kaylee’s here, Dakota is down so I have to deliver and retrieve Duffy from work, plus go to NAPA – at least NAPA, hope that’s all – plus laundry and housework that did NOT do themselves while I was gone. I give you, instead, a picture from our first morning, […]

SwampWoman is Very Wise…and Well-spoken, too!

Originally posted on A1A South:
I haven’t been paying too much attention to sequestration because, frankly, I’m more than a little tired of the incompetent drama queens running the country and getting attention by screaming about the crises that are politically created. “Look at me, look at me! See what I’m doing NOW if…

Originally posted on A1A South:
They have new targets to shoot! Because this is what terrorists look like to the government: They appear to be white, middle class, and in their own homes or neighborhoods. So why would DHS agents be practicing shooting people down in their own homes and on playgrounds?

jcp puffer jacket underquilt is a success!

No time to go into details. We went out to Rice Creek Conservation Area Saturday afternoon. It’s a short hike into the camping area. We ran into another couple who needed a hand, but we made it – after Duffy found out just how much weight his new pack could carry! He’s such a helpful […]

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Those people that used to run amuck in the commentary section of Tim Blair’s blog before it went to the Telegraph (and we know who we are!) would look forward eagerly to the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Che’s misadventures. After every chapter, tears of laughter streaming…

Homesick, I guess…

Funny, it hasn’t been ‘home’ for a very long time…but sometimes I miss it so much, my heart hurts… I’d very much like to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my face, and sleep through tonight and ALL of tomorrow. I seem to be haunted by what was going on 2 years ago, the […]

Thousands honour Chris Kyle at memorial service

Go with God, Chief…your work here is done…with love, from a grateful Chief’s Wife… About 7,000 attend Chris Kyle memorial at Cowboys Stadium | Breaking News | News from Fo….