Tomorrow is Friday! February 8! 2013! (yes, I changed the date, thanks everyone for NOT telling me!)

It’s SwampWoman’s last day of work for which she gets paid a mere pittance! Now ‘work’ won’t interfere with her livestock, her kids, her grandkids, her siblings, OR SWAMPMAN!

Welcome to the life of Riley, Swampie!



  1. These last few days are passing sooooooooo slooooooowly.

    1. We called that ‘short-timer syndrome’ in the Navy. It’s very common. Hell, leave early if you have to – whadda they gonna do – fire you??? 8)

      1. Well, what they’re NOT doing with me is putting me in situations where I’ll tell the truth: “Your disability, boy, is your MOMMA.”

      2. See? You’re feeling better already!

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