Homesick, I guess…

Funny, it hasn’t been ‘home’ for a very long time…but sometimes I miss it so much, my heart hurts…

I’d very much like to crawl into bed, pull the covers over my face, and sleep through tonight and ALL of tomorrow. I seem to be haunted by what was going on 2 years ago, the 14th and the 22nd being some of the worst memories of my life.

I got up this morning to a husband who was pissed off at me – his scissors and seam ripper had disappeared. My mum used to say she could tell that Dad had been drinking when he hit the doorknob. I get that…I heard Duffy at the door and just knew I was in trouble. I guess the cat decided the ripper was a good toy…but I got my clothes on and headed for Walmart to replace the seam ripper. He was making a down top quilt for himself out of J C Penney jackets, and a seam ripper is required. Was almost sick with anxiety when I realized the ‘notions’ section was not where it was the last time I’d needed it! Finally found the necessary item, and got myself a new ripper in the bargain…just in case…

The top quilt, btw, is now finished and as fine a piece of equipment as you could ask for!

To lighten the mood, how about some Animaniacs? PURRfect!

It’s supposed to go back to being ‘Winter’ in Florida this weekend – low 60’s during the day and low-mid 30’s at night. We plan to have an overnight hike and hang at Rice Creek on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to it. Duffy hasn’t had a day off in about 3 weeks, so it’s a welcome break. Got new gear to test!

Better get the sweeping and mopping done…moping around is not going to improve a durn thing. Kaylee and Zophie will both be here tomorrow, and that means a ton of fun!

Y’all have a wonderful evening, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Heh. SwampMan ALWAYS blames me when something of his is missing.
    “SWAMPWOMAN! What have you done with my Widget Calibrator?” “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” “NO!” “Can I mix feed with it?” “NO!” “Can I CARRY feed in it?” “NO!, damnit!” “Can I use it to tell when the BBQ is done?” “Of course not!” “Then I ain’t used it.”

    When something of MINE is missing, I assume I misplaced it. Unless it’s edible. Then I know SwampMan got it.

    1. I guess we’re just too reasonable for ’em. 😀

      Today was a good day. Duffy was up when I got up, and I fixed him breakfast. Then Zophie arrived about 9:30, & Friend Laurene came a bit after 10 for a Thai massage. Zophie and I went to play in the bedroom during that, then took off to go get Kaylee from school when it was done. Zophie’s mom came to pick her up about 2, took Kaylee home, too (Zophie lives in unit upstairs from Kaylee’s). THEN Duffy put together his very first underquilt…for me! And it works! I’ll post pictures tomorrow OR when it’s finished, whichever comes first.

      So, got through Valentine Hell pretty much unscarred. Now I’m finishing up supper & laundry that didn’t get done earlier. Yay!

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