Oh, we have been waiting for this!

I met the greatest people at Blair Nation, which has become Paco Nation for me (since the switch to the Telegraph). One of those people is SwampWoman, at A1A South, who lives near me and with whom I intend to have lunch in the very near future. She links to a long-awaited announcement at Paco Enterprises.

The laughter you will experience reading Che’s diaries is good for the abs as well as good for the soul! Soon as I can, I am getting it, too!

A1A South

Che!Those people that used to run amuck in the commentary section of Tim Blair’s blog before it went to the Telegraph (and we know who we are!) would look forward eagerly to the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Che’s misadventures. After every chapter, tears of laughter streaming down our cheeks, we begged for encores. We were in the presence of comedic greatness!

Since I was present at the creation of the very first Che’s diary entry, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the entire book,
Che! The Lost Diaries is now available for purchase from Amazon. Order it now!

Read an interview with the highly esteemed and beloved author at Paco Enterprises!

Sadly, it is not yet available for Kindle, or I would be curled up in a chair reading it right now instead of waiting for delivery.

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  1. Thanks for the link, KC!

    1. It is my pleasure, Paco, thank you for all the work YOU do! I look forward to reading the diaries again!

  2. You’ll be glad to know that the book includes, I believe, 12 stories that I never published in blogdom. All new!

    1. Wooot!

      1. Yeah! What she said!

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