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Pine Mountain Trail ~ Day One

Good hike. Good time. This is the end of the first day. Duffy stopped often so I could take a picture of whatever caught my eye. It was a lovely day, that’s for sure. We only hiked about 4 1/2 miles, but it was so pleasant and pretty. Now I’m off to do a few […]

It’s hiking season!

We’re heading for Georgia tomorrow, to hike the Pine Mountain Trail. I’m looking forward to it – got all geared up, finished with a knee strap (iliotibial band causes pain) and new camp shirt (“New-to-me” green Nike golf pullover shirt & red poly/satin button-up blouse for $4/each at Goodwill). I got new shoes and inserts […]

Oh, my heart…hug Betty for me, Jimmy…

Lohman/Chinook — James Kennedy Nemetz Jr., 90, of Lohman, a farmer, rancher and truck driver, passed away of natural causes Friday, March 8, 2013, following a three-week illness. Funeral service is 11 a.m., Wednesday, March 13, at the Chinook High School Auditorium. Born on May 13, 1922, he was the son of James and Hazel […]

Sequestration action for the Navy

From Jax Air News…


I woke up this morning feeling…anxious…disturbed…but, except for the usual things going on, couldn’t figure out why. Now I know. Nothing like being sucker-punched and then kicked in the gut by The Enemy. I bet she’s lovin’ life right now.

Yay, Monday.

I was going to sit with a cup of coffee and post a few pictures for your entertainment…but it’ll have to wait. One quick link – the skies are gonna get mighty quiet…come Game Day… Will be back later, after Kaylee and I have lunch and build a tent! Y’all have a fine morning! UPDATE: […]