It’s hiking season!

We’re heading for Georgia tomorrow, to hike the Pine Mountain Trail. I’m looking forward to it – got all geared up, finished with a knee strap (iliotibial band causes pain) and new camp shirt (“New-to-me” green Nike golf pullover shirt & red poly/satin button-up blouse for $4/each at Goodwill). I got new shoes and inserts Monday. My kilt is all clean, and so are my socks. I am SO ready to get outta this city. Some of my very best friends are taking over child/pet/house care, and I am so thankful for all of them!

Not sure how journalling will work – probably same as last time, with us writing while we’re out, then transcribing to Trail Journals when we get back. Here’s the link…which I will update when possible!

Underquilts will be welcome 2 of our 3 nights out, as it’s supposed to rain one night and cool down a lot after that front goes through.

Gonna be fun! I’ll try to post a picture before we leave tomorrow, but don’t hold yer breath wainting, ok?

Y’all take care, and thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Duffy sent me this link – It’s Not Just Walking. Excellent point of view!



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Well? I’ve been waiting for updates and pictures!! I figure you must be back by now, right?

    1. Oh, you funny lady…

      Just walked in the house! Will post stuff soon as I get a chance!

      1. swampie · ·

        Patience is not one of my good points. Wait. I don’t HAVE any good points. Never mind!

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