An Asperger’s Angel Finds Her Wings

From the lovely and talented SwampWoman at A1A South

A1A South

I’m so proud of you, Carson! This is the first time in her school career (or life) that she’s done something like this (6th grade). I knew of her lovely voice, but this is the first time that she’s sung publicly. Ever.

She made it into the talent show, but then her lovely voice was coarsened a bit by that nasty cold going around. I do not know how she managed to sing. I sounded like a FROG croaking in normal conversation when I had the same thing. There are some that might compare my singing voice to a frog croaking when I do NOT have a cold. Those nasty people that do that are being VERY unfair, IMHO. Unfair to the frog being used in comparison, that is.

Just think how that tiny little just turned 12-year-old girl could sing if she had a voice coach!

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  1. swampie · · Reply

    Heh. Make that reblogged from the spectacularly unfashionable and completely untalented SwampWoman! (Unless you want to list pissing people off as a talent. I am excellent at that.)

    But to see a child that formerly refused to participate in school at all come out of her self-made shell and perform, well, I can only imagine how proud her parents are. I would have been jumping up and down and screeching like a freakin’ banshee and probably would have been escorted out by security if I wouldn’t have been almost prostrated with that stupid cold going around with the horrific coughing attacks and had to stay home. I had to confine my jumping up and down and screeching to the house while watching the video. SwampMan is used to it.

    This tiny little girl has such a beautiful voice! She is a natural mimic and can do all manner of accents. I encouraged her to read to me in accents. (Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.) I used to encourage her to sing me her latest favorite when she wasn’t telling me that I was evil personified. Then I took her around to all her teachers and encouraged her to sing for them, too! She has an incredible range and volume with absolutely no training.

    1. A gift.

      If I could change just one thing about me, I’d like to have a more pleasant speaking and singing voice. It gets worse as I get older, so I try not to inflict it on too many people but that seems to be a losing battle.

      Have you considered running a home-school group? A couple times a week with your encouragement would be wonderful for kids!

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