MSNBC and CNN Employ “Journalists/Analysts” That Rode That Short Bus

SwampWoman says it better than I…

A1A South

Good grief. According to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews AND Massachusetts Democratic Rep. William Keating, the Boston Marathon bombing could have been done because April 15 was the tax deadline. Or because April 15 was Patriot’s Day (apparently a union holiday in Massachusetts).

CNN desperately wants the terrorist(s) to be Republicans, Christians, and/or Tea Party people. Because nothing says “terrorist” like people that call for fiscal responsibility in their elected representatives. Oh, dear. There’s not a facepalm big enough for that.

THIS is why I mostly ignore the leftist media. The social media folk on the scene just gave the facts and didn’t speculate about their favorite suspects.

Was this terrorism? Well, of course. Do we know who is/are involved? Not at this time.

My personal speculation? It has nothing whatsoever to do with taxes. If I were protesting taxes, I wouldn’t try to kill a bunch of runners. I’d go after…

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