Welcome to Saturday in NEFL…

It’s cooled off some, and has been raining pretty much all night. I had the flu and seem to have overdone my back when mowing on Thursday. Duffy’s just now getting done with 2 weeks straight working the night shift. Think we’ll go to a movie, he wants to see ’42.’

This is the hammock we made, to replace my bed. He will have one in Navy blue. I’ll keep you posted.


UPDATE: Decided against the movie, it seems. Bowl of chili, and some Kindle books for this afternoon. Maybe a couple “Revolution” episodes OnDemand? Or a baseball game… Think I’ve got a pizza in the deep freeze, too…

Y’all have a fine weekend, and thanks for stopping by!



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Oh, no! Hope you feel better soon. Hammock looks comfy.

  2. swampie · · Reply

    Did I mention that SwampMan, after complaining that Kindles do not provide the same “feel” as actual books, read a book on mine and then bought himself a Paperwhite? Now he only reads on a Kindle. Daughter got the Kindle Fire (big one) and loves it.

    1. Happy to report I was better by Saturday afternoon. Saturday, Kait had it, Chris got it yesterday, and today it’s Duffy’s turn.

      Yes, you mentioned in a post about SwampMan’s conversion to KindleOwner. How cool is that. We have the Fire and the Keyboard and both of us are very happy with the whole deal. I just finished a freebie someone mentioned on HammockForums.net that was the best Travis McGee story I’ve read in decades – without Travis McGee, of course, and located some miles north of Travis’ beloved Keys. The hero is Tyler Cunningham…good writing, terrific hammocking descriptions!

      1. Hunh. Sounds good. I think I’ll look into getting that.

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