NBA Player Says He’s Gay

Swampie and I agree 100% on this whole kerfuffle. What I want to know is, if it ain’t no big deal…howcum it’s the lead damn story on every “news” page I’ve seen, being remarked on by everyone from the newest NFL draft picks to The Current Occupant of the White House?

A1A South

My ears have been getting assaulted frequently since yesterday by what they (various media outlets) apparently construe as HUGE BREAKING NEWS VERY IMPORTANT TO MY LIFE. Some NBA player has declared his gayness to the world.

So, why would this be important to me? Why do I need to hear about it every half hour when I’m driving or listening to the radio while I wash dishes? Is it a danger to me? Is it financially important to me? Does it have some sort of medical interest to me; i.e., are the genes for men having basketball skills inextrictably linked to homosexualism? No? Is he using the media as a dating aid, in that he wasn’t getting hit on enough from like-minded men? Would the media perform the same service for a world-famous interior decorator that would like the world to know that he’s really a closet heterosexual?

How do…

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  1. swampie · · Reply

    Ooooooh! Ooooooh! (Waving hand and arm in air wildly.) I know! Pick ME!

    Okay, while we’re talking about who is or is not homosexual (that nobody gives a damn about), the media isn’t covering things like the explosive new revelations about Benghazi, or how many other babies are born alive and murdered after third trimester deliveries in abortion clinics, or whether we should support the sunni terrorists or the shiite terrorists in Syria.

    1. It was even top ‘news’ on my Twitter feed, fercryinoutloud! I really mean it – if it ain’t no big deal, WHY are we continuing to hear about it? Every 2 bit ‘journalist’ and jock and political hack has to get his – or her – comment about it, on the record. Why? So they can have the privilege of saying they said something? Howcum no one said anything before? Why is Tim Tebow not allowed to ‘come out’ as an evangelical Christian? Why are the Benghazi survivors invisible? And why, dear God, why isThe Planned Parenthood Butcher, ver.1 also not ‘news.’ That jackass in the White House calls this ‘brave’ guy for bringing attention to himself, but did he call any of the families who lost their men in Benghazi? Did he comfort any of the hundreds – THOUSANDS of women whose babies were hacked to death AND THEN PUT ON DISPLAY in abortion clinics?

      It’s a sick, sick, sick world those people populate, and I am ashamed to have to share it with them.

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