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I’m feeling uneasy. Like I should lay in supplies and make a big pot of soup – which could either be for ‘significant weather’ or something more personal…I don’t know but I don’t like the feeling, not at all. Advertisements

Memorial Day 2013

I am the granddaughter, daughter, niece, cousin, sister and wife of American Fighting Men. I am proud. And I will never forget. Montana State National Cemetery USS Cole sailor comes home Arlington National Cemetery For my dad… Halfway down the trail to Hell, In a shady meadow green Are the Souls of all dead troopers […]

Memorial Day weekend

I’m hoping for a fairly calm weekend. Our bike ride on the Baldwin to Jacksonville Rail Trail yesterday seems to have worn me out a bit! It’s finally payday, but Duffy has my ID and check cards, so no early shopping to beat the crowd! Picking up Miss Bee at 1130, then we’ll go pick […]

Moore, Oklahoma

You’ve seen all the stuff on the news or video online – I haven’t, but I don’t have to. I not only believe how horrible it is, I could almost quote every politician who speaks about it for the next eternity – just so much blather. I will never trust Red Cross or United Way […]

Deep Dish Chicago Way – from The Camp Of The Saints

Originally posted on The Camp Of The Saints:
Chicago Tribune reporter and columnist John Kass learned about The Chicago Way as a teenager. In his latest column, he recalls a specific one of the Sunday gatherings of his large Greek family during which the discussions they would have after dinner would cover every subject under…

Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.

We went campering at Crooked River State Park in Georgia again. That yearly pass has more than paid for itself. Duffy brought me roses when he came home from work Saturday – maybe the first Mother’s Day flowers he’s ever gotten for me. They are lovely! After we got camp set up, we rented a […]

Anyone else feel like they need a shower in bleach after this week?

Are We Lumberjacks has a post with the title BenghaziGate. I think you should read it. I have to agree with his conclusion, as it’s the first thing I thought of when I heard the original story. We were all lied to – and continue to be lied to – so The Current Occupant wouldn’t […]