I’m feeling uneasy. Like I should lay in supplies and make a big pot of soup – which could either be for ‘significant weather’ or something more personal…I don’t know but I don’t like the feeling, not at all.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Oooooh, some of my favorite songs! I know that feeling….anxious. Edgy. Not sure what to do. I’ve been running around like a crazy woman the last two weeks, and I think it is about to get even crazier! (Hordes of my relatives are apparently about to descend upon us from out of state. I have not yet broken the news to SwampMan. I’m not really sure how to do it. “Oh, by the way, a bunch of my relatives that you have never met are going to be arriving in June and July….”)

    1. Compared to your life, I know mine is pretty calm…but I sure do not envy you breaking that news to SwampMan!

      Breakfast HAS to be btwn now and 10 June, so get on that – I’m available any morning, but will have a little blond chickie with me!

      1. swampie · ·

        Hey, I tried to call you this morning re lunch. Did you change your cell phone number? I left a message on your house phone, too. I waited awhile, but you must be out having an actual life (how dare you?)! Heh. I’m going back out to feed and move chicken pens before the rain gets here. Leave me a message if you get this; I’ll call back when I get inside.

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